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Jabel Ali Free Zone

JAFZA is one of the largest and fastest growing of Dubai free zones. JAFZA, today houses more than 6400 of the world’s finest companies. The current JAFZA profile includes more than 120 of the Global Fortune 500 companies. The free zone has come a long way from 19 companies in 1985. Investors are provided world class infrastructure supported by quality driven value added services and incentives,enabling them to capitalize on the huge business opportunities in the region.

This growth can be attributed to JAFZAs innovative solutions for global industrial investors and focus on long-term customer relationships. It is the first free zone in the world to win ISO certification in 1996.

Jabel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) Advantages
  • JAFZA ranks among the world’s largest and the fastest growing free zones
  • Jafza is the only free zone in the world to be located between the two major logistic enablers- Al Maktoum International Airport, the world’s largest airport, and Jebel Ali Port, the world’s 6th largest seaport
  • A six lane highway facilitates the transportation of goods (custom bound) from sea to air in just 20 minutes
  • Spread over 48Sq.Km
  • Contributing 25% of Dubai’s GDP and 50% of exports
  • Access to market having over 2 billion people in South and West Asia, the CIS and Africa
  • Home to multinational giants and fortune 500 companies
  • Part of the ambitious Dubai Logistics Corridor to Link Sea, land and air, bringing together a multi-
  • modal logistics platform in the Middle East

Wide variety of Licence Activities

The type of activity your business participates in will dictate the types of licences you will require, along with the most appropriate facility you will require in Jafza.

There are three main categories of activity, Trading, Service and Industrial.

Indicative categories are listed below. You can download the full list of  activities here: Click to see full list of activities


  • Agricultural, flowers and plants
  • Aircraft and train trading
  • Amusement equipment and supplies trading
  • Bags, packaging material and paper trading
  • Building materials trading
  • Chemicals trading
  • Electronics and electrical group
  • Equipment and machines
  • Fuel and petroleum products trading
  • Jewellery trading
  • Metal and its products trading
  • Motor vehicles and auto spare parts
  • Perfumery, medicines, beauty
  • Readymade garments
  • Foodstuff and beverages
  • Separate trading activities
  • Ships and boats trading
  • Spectacles and contact lenses trading
  • Sports equipment trading
  • Stationery and books trading
  • Trade license and video and recordings
  • Tobacco and smoking accessories trading
  • Waste trading
  • Household and furniture trading
  • Exchange and financial
  • Regional liaison office
  • Representative office


  • Advertising
  • Transport, shipping and storage
  • Equipment, engines, machinery and repairs
  • Light aircraft maintenance
  • Motor vehicle repairs
  • Repairing of electrical and electronic appliances
  • Accounts, Banks, finance and credit group
  • Building maintenance, surveillance and cleaning services
  • Car registration and transfer services
  • Car rental and passenger transport
  • Consultancy Re-engineering
  • Cleaning services
  • Contracting and building works
  • Cooperation societies
  • Document destroying and storage
  • Domestic gas station
  • Event organizers
  • Exchange and financial
  • Exhibition organizers
  • Facility management
  • Finance consultant
  • Foodstuffs supply
  • Fuel supply
  • Gas station
  • Government liaison office
  • Halls and exhibitions
  • Hospitals and recovery houses


  • Blocks and building stones
  • Cotton, metal nets and rope manufacturing
  • Equipment, engines and machinery
  • Food
  • Garments, rugs, textiles and products manufacturing
  • Glass and chinaware manufacturing
  • Glass industries
  • Handicraft workshops
  • Light aircraft manufacturing
  • Manufacture of batteries
  • Manufacturing of gold
  • Manufacture of eyeglasses
  • Manufacture of medicines
  • Manufacture of motor vehicles and motor cycles
  • Manufacture of tyres and rubber products
  • Manufacturing of bags, shoes and leather products
  • Manufacturing of tobacco and cigarettes
  • Manufacturing of wood, wood products and furniture
  • Meat processing
  • Paper and paper products
  • Petroleum and metal extraction
  • Petroleum products and chemicals
  • Pipes and wire manufacturing
  • Plastic industries
  • Power generation and transmission
  • Electrical and electronic appliances
  • Ship building
  • Structural steel manufacturing
  • Technical and professional workshops



Type of License:
A license depends on the company’s activity and is required to conduct this activity. The below costs include the registration and License costs.

1st Year

Subsequent Year

Consultancy License      

AED 32,400

AED 50,300

General Trading License

AED 30,000

AED 30,000

Trading License
  A : 12 products from 2 groups 
  B : 7 products from 1 group)

A : AED 9,000
B : AED 5,500

A : AED 9,000
B : AED 5,500

Industrial license 
  A : 12 products from 2 groups
  B : 7 products from 1 group

A : AED 9,000
B : AED 5,500

A : AED 9,000
B : AED 5,500

Branch License of UAE based company only
  A : Service License 
  B : Logistics License

A : AED 8,000
B : AED 30,000

A : AED 8,000
B : AED 30,000

One off registration Fee :

Free zone Establishment

  • FZE – not more than one shareholder

AED 15,000

Free zone Company

  • FZCO – at least 2 shareholders

AED 10,000


AED 5,000

Office Facility :
An Office is required to be granted a license. The number of visas will depend on the type of license and the rented space. One visa is granted per 9 sqm

Size (sqm)

1st Year

Subsequent Year

Business Park

  • 2 visas only
  • Few availability

AED 25,000 +

AED 25,000 +

Standard office

  • Jafza : 14, 15,16, 17, view 18 & 19


AED 2,100 / sqm + other costs

AED 2,100 / sqm+ other costs

Type A : warehouse, office,  
Type B : warehouse, office, 
Type C : office, showroom
Type D : warehouse

A: 890
B: 770
C: 430
D: 350

A: AED 800 / sqm
B: AED 800/  sqm
C: AED 1,000 / sqm
D: AED 700 / sqm

+ other costs

A: AED 800 / sqm
B: AED 800 / sqm
C: AED 1,000 / sqm
D: AED 700 / sqm

+ other costs

Warehouse + light industrial unit
 A : Warehouse 10 and 74
 B : Factory LIU- 100 KVA

A: 300 to 670
A: 550 to 620

A: AED  350 to AED 600 / sqm
B: AED 450 to AED 600 / sqm
+ other costs

A : AED 350 to AED 600 / sqm
B : AED 450 to AED 600 / sqm
+ other costs

Plot of Land

5 000+

AED 28 – AED 90 / sqm
+ other costs

AED 28- AED 90 / sqm
+ other costs

Miscellaneous Documents :
To register in Residency Department an Establishment Card is required.

1st Year

Subsequent Year

Establishment Card

AED 620

Memoramdum and articles

AED 200

Power of attorney to have A PRO representing company for visas purposes before Jafza

AED 1,200

Visas are valid for 3 years. Cost of each visa varies from the location of the applicant, whether application is inside or outside UAE. A Bank Guarantee Deposit per visa is required and will be refundable.

1st Year

Subsequent Year

Visa inside country  
 A: without amendment 
 B: with amendment

A: AED 3,500
B: AED 4,400

Visa outside country

AED 2,700

Guarantee Deposit per visa

1.5 x Basic salary plus One way Ticket Airfare

Medical test and ID

AED 1,150

Type of set-up preferred:
Regular CompanyBranch of UAE-based CompanyBranch of Foreign Company

Estimated Number of Visas required:

Proposed Company Names:

Brief Business Summary:

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